Vancouver Launches Airbnb for Dogs

It's not what you think



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Don't worry, no one is trying to set up a dog tourism site. But they are trying to make it easier for you to find care for your canine friend!

Vancouver company Go Fetch launched a platform in late January that's pretty much Airbnb for your dog. Basically you make an account, and you can either browse sitters for your pup or offer to take care of others'!

Along with your hosting profile you can include details like how big your apartment is, whether there's a backyard, and the best breeds for your setup. Plus there's a background check with passports and licenses so you can rest a little easier putting your dog in the hands of a stranger.

The company takes 15% of transactions from users, and prices can range from $25-100 per night depending on the place's specs and the amount of maintenance needed for the dog.

Go Fetch doesn't accept all applicationsin fact, the company claims they only take about 30% of them. It's important to them to keep your pets safe!

Not much of a dog person? The creators of Go Fetch say they plan on eventually expanding to cats too.

So, in the not too distant future maybe you'll be Uber-ing to your Airbnb with someone else's dog? We'll see if this pet scheme takes off!


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