4 Wonderful Off-leash Dog Parks in Vancouver

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All dog owners know the importance of giving their dogs a chance to run around, give their muscles a workout, and breathe that fresh air. A good off-leash dog park is important because it gives dogs a chance to run wildly, socialize with other dogs, plus they can be a great place to meet people. Here are some of the best off-leash dog parks in the Vancouver area.

Hadden Park - 1905 Ogden Avenue
A bit of an infamous spot, as there has been debate over the years as to whether it should be an off leash park from local residents. The dog park, like others on the list, has water access and some free parking. Downsides are that there can be quite a lot of poop around, and there are restrictions to leash hours. 

Queen Elizabeth Dog Park - 4600 Cambie Street
Queen Elizabeth isn’t Vancouver’s biggest dog park, but it’s still pretty big. There’s ample parking nearby. It gets pretty muddy in the wintertime, so you’ll want to bring your boots, but it’s a great place for your dog to have a run around.
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Spanish Banks Beach Dog Park - 4900 NW Marine Drive
The dog beach is a great place to put down a blanket or towel, relax, and let your dog have a run around. Dogs can swim and run all over hills and stuff, and you’ll be treated to a nice view of the ocean and mountains.
Credit: Van City Buzz 

John Hendry Park - 3300 Victoria Drive
This is a great place for a dog to go wild, as there is the lake area and quite a lot of room to run around, not to mention great picnic spots for dog owners.
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