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As all Vancouverites know, Vancouver is an extremely unaffordable place to live. Sometimes, when the financial times are particularly tough, you want to grab a slice of very affordable pizza, but even that can be tough to find sometimes. Here are four pizza restaurants in Vancouver where you can grab a slice or two at a really low price.

Trilussa Pizza and Pane - 4363 Main Street
You can get a combo of pizza, soup, and soda for only $8.99, which is such a good deal, and Trilussa Pizza and Pane make their pizzas fresh and with delicious ingredients.

Uncle Fatihs - 1685 Broadway East
Generally considered to be the kind of holy grail for cheap pizza in Vancouver, Uncle Fatih’s has a bunch of locations inside and outside of the city. A slice is just over $2, which is a great deal considering that the crust, sauce, and toppings are all top notch.
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Fire Pizza - 1918 Commercial Drive
Fire Pizza has a range of interesting toppings. They also have vegetarian and vegan options and gluten free crust, so they can accommodate most diets. Best of all, though, is that it is open super late and their pizzas are affordable and delicious.
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Costco - 605 Expo Boulevard
Honestly, Costco offers a pretty sloppy slice and it isn’t very healthy. But the price is unbelievable. Whole pizzas for $10 or a huge slice for $2. If you’re really broke, this is your spot.
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